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Corona Del Mar Couples Session | Bruce + Alexis | Velvet Park Photography

I had so much fun during this shoot, wow! Driving to meet with Alexis and Bruce I was slightly worried because the sky was smoky and dark and the weather was cooler than I had expected it to be. But oh my gosh, it worked out! Alexis and I went to college together but I'd never met her boyfriend, Bruce. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a people person, but I'm getting better at it. Nevertheless, I'm a human being and I'm always a little nervous before a session because I'm worried the clients are going to think I'm too silly, too serious, or some weird combination of the two. But once I met Bruce, I knew it would be a great session because he was in a great mood and totally up for the adventure we were about to have! It also made me so happy to see he and Alexis interact. Their bond is electric! Alexis was a great sport as well, climbing rocks in heels and working it like a model. She thought she was awkward in front of the camera, which is hilarious because look at these photos! Honestly though, that's a pretty common feeling going into a photoshoot. That's why I'm here to be goofy and make you laugh and show you how easy it really is to let your true, beautiful self shine through! Towards the end of the session we were losing light... so we rushed down to the shore to play in the water and the onlookers were hooting and howling and yelling, "Did she say yes? She said yes! Congrats" even though this wasn't an engagement session. That's how hot these two are! I can't wait for the engagement session... wink wink!


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