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Joshua Tree Couples Session | Adam + Katie | Velvet Park Photography

Adam and Katie are friends of ours and we love them so much because they're so sweet, down to earth, and totally up for any adventure! Adam booked a group campground in Joshua Tree in the middle of August (why...) and invited us to join in on the fun so of course we headed out to the desert to explore, enjoy friendly company, escape the confines of our tiny house, and roast some weenies. On day two, I talked them into exploring the rocks near our campsite with me for about ten minutes just as the sun was setting and the air was cooling down a bit. Check out the results! I think they look absolutely amazing considering we were tired, sweaty, and stuffed full of hot dogs and beer. What do you think? Maybe next time we'll get dressed up and climb a mountain but you simply can't pass up some fun romantic photos when you're in such a beautiful place! If you want to shoot out in Joshua Tree, let me know because I'm totally all about it.


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