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Hey there, I'm Velvet!



Hey guys! As your photographer my goal isn't only to take beautiful photos but I want to take it a step further and provide my clients with the best experience so that instead of the photoshoot feeling like a chore it feels like you've just stepped out with your goofy best friend and you're low key having a blast in front of the camera together! Okay, I'll stay behind the camera but still. My sessions tend to be fairly low maintenance and low stress -- I just want you to feel comfortable!


 I love capturing the 'in between' pose moments (i.e., candid moments) where your personality and your chemistry take center stage. I usually provide a mix of direction and time for you to just be you while I act like paparazzi.


I edit my work in a way that really captures a warm, moody vibe and I prefer to shoot at or just before golden hour. I tend to edit as true to color as possible and try to focus on capturing crisp, intimate photographs of you and your loved ones. I love being outside exploring and so I tend to advocate for shooting in more adventurous locations. Heels photograph beautifully, but bring your tennis shoes too! My ideal clients will have a sense of adventure and won't mind maybe getting a tad dirty or perhaps climbing through some bushes (or laying in them... yes, I actually made a couple lie in the bushes once) to get the perfect shot. Don't worry, I can edit the dirt out.


Most importantly, I want to get to know my clients. I aim to capture your most beautiful but also most authentic self. 

Other notable things? I'm a bit of a nerd, an environmentalist, an explorer, but most importantly, a mother. I have a six year old son and a one year old daughter who both keep me on my toes and who I hope will one day share my enthusiasm for all things outdoors. 

"These are literally the best photos anyone has taken of me! Thank you so much! You are the bomb!"

— Tiffany


"Oh my gosh! Velvet you are a total natural. The photos came out so good! Thank you so much. We'll have to book another session with the pup."

— Katie and Adam

"I absolutely love all of the pictures Velvet took of me and my daughter! I’m obsessed with them. I was nervous about the shoot because I’m super camera shy and my two year old daughter is a wild one, but Velvet made it so easy! She gave me some great tips about what to do in front of the camera and was very easy going and fun to be around. She was able to perfectly capture my daughters personality in the pictures and I will forever be thankful for that. I’m so glad we decided to do a photoshoot and I plan on coming back to for many many more!"

— Heather 

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